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Life & Mortgages

Trust assured and bespoke arranged... tailored insurance to cover every need

Our Mission

Adviser Lewis Charles Payne CeMAP

” Our simple and overarching goal is a customer outcome.  The amount of red tape and jargon that comes with obtaining a mortgage means that in most cases, you are left feeling anxious that the application might fall through.
We make it our mission to reduce the nerves by coaching you through the details offering insight and being readily available.  We would hope that after working with us, you would  have learned all you need to carry on yourself. But we would hope that even after that you would still recognise our value. That is our vision.” 

About Us

Life and Mortgages was founded under the belief that today’s market needs fast, bespoke and people-driven cover to suit the ever evolving needs and changes of today’s people. Whether that is Life insurance cover to first time Mortgages, we have the experience, technology and focus to provide cater for every customer.

Our Story

Founded with the belief that modern insurance and cover should be dynamic, forward facing, tech focused and available to all; we started with grass-roots origins of a small team in a small office working solely on small scales, fast forward a couple of years of fast growth & focus and now we are a driving force in the industry , changing the nature and redefining insurance and cover.

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