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Commercial Mortgages

Breakdown of the what’s included when you purchase a commercial property
Our partnership with a specialist network offers you broader access to commercial options.

Commercial Mortgages

Various Property Types Accepted

We can find lending options for landlords and limited companies of all levels of experience with loan to value options of 70%.

Trade Experience

We would discuss your experience in the sectorand require detailed information on income and projected cash flow..

Reduce Term

The interest payable can bededucted as an expense from your tax return. Your business capital can in crease if the property value
increases, and we can access options that allow you to rent the
premises to another business.

Why should you use a broker for a Commercial mortgage?

A unique reason someone may need a broker to help them take out a mortgage is if they have a complex financial situation that requires a specialist understanding of mortgage products. For example, if someone is self-employed, has a poor credit history, or is looking to purchase a unique property type, they may benefit from working with a broker who has experience in these areas. Additionally, a broker can provide access to a wider range of mortgage options than someone could find on their own, potentially resulting in lower rates, better terms, and a smoother application process.

Ultimately, working with a broker can provide valuable expertise, support, and guidance throughout the mortgage process.

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