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Bridging Loans

Breakdown of the what’s included when you purchase a commercial property
Our partnership with a specialist network offers you broader access to commercial options.

Why should you use a broker for a Commercial mortgage?

A unique reason someone may need a broker to help them take out a mortgage is if they have a complex financial situation that requires a specialist understanding of mortgage products. For example, if someone is self-employed, has a poor credit history, or is looking to purchase a unique property type, they may benefit from working with a broker who has experience in these areas. Additionally, a broker can provide access to a wider range of mortgage options than someone could find on their own, potentially resulting in lower rates, better terms, and a smoother application process.

Ultimately, working with a broker can provide valuable expertise, support, and guidance throughout the mortgage process.

Bridging Loans


We can secure short term lending for options that require completion in under a few days.


can be used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing  property at auction, buying a new property before selling an existing one, or financing property renovations.

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