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Breakdown of the benefits of refinancing your existing mortgage
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Save Money

Interest rates are now at the level they were at in 2008, meaning those that are due to refinance their existing mortgage need to
find clever ways of reducing their monthly mortgage balance.

Raise Capital

Access the equity in your property to raise funds, you may wish to add multiple credit cards or personal loans to the mortgage or purchase another property for investment purposes.

Reduce Term

Refinancing to a shorter term can result in a higher monthly payment but allows homeowners to build equity faster and pay off their mortgage sooner, saving money on interest payments in the long run.

Why should you remortgage when you can?

One unique reason a borrower may need to remortgage is if they have a change in their financial circumstances, such as a significant increase or decrease in income, which affects their ability to make their monthly mortgage payments. For example, if someone loses their job, they may need to remortgage to switch to a lower monthly payment or longer loan term to make their mortgage more affordable. Alternatively, if someone receives a significant windfall or inheritance, they may choose to remortgage to pay off their mortgage early and save money on interest payments.

Overall, there are many unique reasons why a borrower may need toremortgage depending on their individual circumstances.

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