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Income Protection Insurance

Breakdown of how Income Protection Insurance protects you
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Income Protection Insurance

Replacement Income

Income protection insurance provides regular payments if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, protecting your income and covering mortgage payments and living expenses.

Multiple Types

Income protection insurance can cover a percentage of your pre-tax income, usually up to 75%, and can provide payments until you can return to work or reach retirement age.

Various Features

Income protection insurance policies can include a range of additional features, such as options for increasing benefit payments, rehabilitation benefits, and a range of waiting periods to suit individual needs.


Why do you need life insurance?

A unique reason why someone might need income protection insurance is if they work in a field where their income is heavily reliant on their physical or mental ability to perform their job. Professional athletes, musicians, or surgeons who earn a high income but are at risk of injury or illness that could prevent them from working for an extended period.

Income protection insurance can provide a financial safety net, allowing them to maintain their lifestyle and cover their ongoing expenses while they recover and return to work.

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