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Private Health Insurance

Breakdown of how private medical insurance protects you
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Private Health Insurance

Exclusive Access

Private health insurance can provide access to private hospitals and healthcare providers, offering more choice and flexibility for treatment options.

Various Features

Private health insurance policies can include a range of extras, such as dental, optical, and physiotherapy, which may not be covered by public healthcare services.

Faster than NHS

Private health insurance policies can also offer shorter wait times for elective surgeries and treatments, allowing for quicker access to medical care when needed.

Why do you need private health insurance?

Someone may want to have private medical insurance instead of relying solely on the NHS for a few reasons. Private medical insurance provides more control over the timing and quality of medical treatment received. This can be particularly valuable for those with pre-existing conditions or specific medical needs, as private healthcare can offer quicker access to specialists, treatments and therapies.

Additionally, private healthcare can offer more comfortable hospital facilities and amenities, as well as a greater level of privacy. Private medical insurance can also provide access to treatments and medications that may not be available through the NHS, ensuring a higher level of care and treatment.

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