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Critical Illness Cover

Breakdown of how Critical Illness Cover protects you
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Critical Illness Cover

Lump Sum Payment

Private health insurance can provide access to private hospitals and healthcare providers, offering more choice and flexibility for treatment options.


Multiple Conditions Covered

Critical illness cover offers protection against a range of illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, and stroke. The number of conditions covered will depend on the policy and provider.


Optional Add-ons

Some critical illness cover policiesoffer optional add-ons such as terminal illness cover or children’s cover, which extends the policy to cover a child if they are diagnosed with an illness. The cost and availability of these add-ons will vary between insurers.

Why do you need critical illness cover?

A unique reason someone might need critical illness cover is if they have a family history of a specific serious illness, such as a genetic condition or cancer. In such cases, the likelihood of developing the same illness may be higher, and critical illness cover can provide financial protection and support for the affected individual and their family.

Additionally, critical illness cover may also be important for individuals who work in high-stress or physically demanding jobs, where the risk of developing a serious illness or injury is greater.

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