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Life Insurance/ Relevant Life

Breakdown of how life insurance/ relevant life protects you
We are independent and can access any provider on the market to find you the right product

Life Insurance / Relevant Life

Life Insurance

A policy which will pay a lump sum upon death of the policyholder to cover any debt or outstanding liabilities. We can access providers for people withhigh-risk jobs and lifestyles.

Relevant Life

A cost-effective way for an employer to arrange Life Cover on the life of an employee, with the benefit payable to the employee’s family or financial dependants.

Tailored to you

We can arrange level, increasing or decreasing terms to make sure the policy meets your specific needs

Why do you need life insurance?

Life insurance is a product that provides you peace of mind that your family is protected against any financial loss should the unimaginable happen It provides financial security, helps to pay off debts, helps to pay living expenses, and helps to pay any medical or final expenses.

If you are relatively young and healthy with a family or planning to start a one, It is highly recommended that you take out life insurance.
The younger and healthier you are, the less your premium will be for the same amount of cover.

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