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Life Insurance

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What is life insurance?

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Life Insurance

Types of Cover

Level Cover

Choose a lump sum to leave behind for your loved ones and select how long you want your cover to run for. You’ll then pay the same amount (known as the ‘premium’) each month until your policy ends *

This lump sum can help to maintain the living standards of loved ones. It could be used to pay off an interest-only mortgage, or go towards general living costs and monthly outgoings, such as rent.

Level cover could be a good option if you are looking to:

– Cover your salary
– Maintain your loved ones’ living standards
– Help with health and living costs if you become terminally ill
– Pay your children’s school or university fees
– Continue to keep up mortgage repayments
– Pay off an interest-only mortgage

*Or unless you elect to end your policy cover earlier and subject to adhering to the insurer’s notification policy.

Decreasing Cover

You might choose this type of cover to help your loved ones pay off a repayment mortgage or long-term loan if you pass away at any time during the policy term.

The cover lasts for a specific length of time, and your monthly premiums are fixed, unless you make any changes to your policy.

The value of what you are paying off gradually decreases over time, and so does the cover. That is why it usually costs less than level cover.

Life Insurance and/or Critical Illness cover

Life Insurance

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