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What are Mortgage special features?

Some mortgages come with special features which could help your cash flow or pay off your mortgage quicker.

Cashback Mortgages

With a cashback mortgage, you’re given some cash when you take out your mortgage.

The cashback sum might be a proportion of the amount you’re borrowing (for example 1%) or might be a fixed amount (for example £500).

You receive the cashback on completion, not before.

Offset Mortgages

With an offset mortgage, your savings are linked to your mortgage. This means that your savings go towards reducing your mortgage, so you only pay interest on the mortgage amount, minus the amount you have saved.

It’s a good choice for people with savings and a reasonable bank balance every month.

Offset mortgages can be on fixed or variable rates.

Current Account Mortgages

Current account mortgages are a type of offset mortgage.

The only difference is that your current account and mortgage are merged into one.

So, if you have a mortgage of £150,000 and £1,500 in your current account, your statement will show that you owe your lender £148,500.


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